Home in Hawaii ep.1 - fun island days on oahu

18 jan. 2021
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home in hawaii episode 1 - fun island days on oahu vlog! welcome to the first episode of sharing my life in hawaii - a week in my life (or 3 weeks) style.
shoutout to my girl Elena for inspiring this series with her NYC Diaries! nlworld.info/stream/DBroOWVP4aN8SYM0br6sJQ.html
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ethnicity: Italian, Filipino, Portuguese, Hawaiian + a lot more haha I'm very mixed!
where are you from? I was born & raised on O'ahu, Hawai'i
what do you use to edit? final cut pro x
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  • welcome to my new series 🌴🤎 follow my IG avajules_ for more

    Ava JulesAva JulesMaand geleden
    • I love these videos!!!❤

      Mo FAVMo FAV9 dagen geleden
    • Loved the PUPPY, OHHHMYGOSHH😍

      Jmanuelgjr G.Jmanuelgjr G.Maand geleden

      brie tbrie tMaand geleden
    • i love this series !!!

    • what the city looks like. i’ve always wondered bcs i feel like everyone only pictures hawaii as a nature place which ofc it is but id love to see the city side too heheh

      niamh kirkniamh kirkMaand geleden
  • this really just makes me want to drop everything and move to Hawaii! I love your videos Ava! Low-key my fav youtuber.

    Alana Grace BurdenAlana Grace Burden9 uur geleden
  • I’m in Hilo rn, can’t wait to come back to Oahu!!

    Ashleigh CookAshleigh Cook2 dagen geleden
  • Gives me a "never-ending Vacation" vibes🌺🌴

    Akshra ShuklaAkshra Shukla3 dagen geleden
  • where was bellas dress from?! its so cute pls respond someone

    Avery HoffmanAvery Hoffman4 dagen geleden
  • anyone know where the shirt that shes wearing that says "dont trip over whats behind you" is from

    Francesca HenryFrancesca Henry5 dagen geleden
  • what film camera did u use?

    Zainab SiddiquiZainab Siddiqui9 dagen geleden
  • Ava what kind d of dog do you have? I think we might have the same kind if he is a German short hair pointer.❤

    Mo FAVMo FAV9 dagen geleden
  • u really showed me who I really am and to accept me the way I am. Im so thankful for finding this video.I was so struggling with who I really am but u literally showed me. Thank u

    dilan jamoradilan jamora9 dagen geleden
  • Where is your forest green bikini from i the beginning of the video? 😭

    K HunterK Hunter9 dagen geleden
  • at 8:23 Ava stared into my soul.

    Tenzin TsoongmeyTenzin Tsoongmey11 dagen geleden
  • I love love love your Hawaii videos ....they make me so happy ....the One of Us is Lying and One of us is Next are my fav books too... loveuuu💖✨

    Jynelle DIYJynelle DIY11 dagen geleden
  • The island life is a m a z i n g! I also live on a island (tiny little island) of Saipan🌺

    Sheri Nicole LlagasSheri Nicole Llagas12 dagen geleden
  • I just want to say I appreciate all the planning you put into your video, like the moment you throw your clothes to the sink and the editting skill is amazing. I also wish I could have life like this in Hawaii but then I am like.. will I be happy like her tho or will I have to husstle all the time? plus, no friends?.. lol

    trang nguyentrang nguyen12 dagen geleden
  • i feel like i'm the only one here who can relate to her when it comes to the weather lol. weird flex but i live in florida and of course it's not hawaii, but i'm still stoked to not have snow falling from my window :)

    Gabby BucknerGabby Buckner14 dagen geleden
  • I would love to see you do an updated bikini collection! I loved all the forest green ones you showed in this video!

    Tessa DahlTessa Dahl14 dagen geleden
  • omg i'm totally obsessed with ur videos, thank u for such incredible views of Hawaii !!!

    Weronika ŻamojcinaWeronika Żamojcina14 dagen geleden
  • OMG I loveeee one of us is lying and now that I saw that one of us is next is out!!! Ahhhhhhhhh

    ISA YISA Y14 dagen geleden
  • Where’s the green bikini top and bottom from they r v flattering

    AlyssaAlyssa14 dagen geleden
  • I know we all are wishing we had a friend like Ava

    Elissa WElissa W15 dagen geleden
  • I need ur life bro

    smileykylee !smileykylee !15 dagen geleden
  • Omg your puppy 😍

    RuthieRuthie15 dagen geleden
  • I feel old been watching your vids since I was a jr

    Sandman ZBSandman ZB16 dagen geleden
  • dude every time I watch these videos, it makes me wanna cry because I know that it's possible to live a life here because my uncle and aunt live here, but I know it's not going to happen because I wanna be near my parents! I love this place so so much though. I love your videos Ava!

    EllieEllie16 dagen geleden
  • No matter how bad my day was, every time i watch your videos i‘m just so happy and motivated🌺✨🌊

    Tyra Marie DavidTyra Marie David17 dagen geleden
  • I wish this was my life !!!

    Katja BrutusKatja Brutus17 dagen geleden
  • yes please do more book rec videos, i've gotten back into reading and been lost where to start and that helped a lot, also continue these pleasee they are not nice and relaxing:))

    Natalia MannaNatalia Manna17 dagen geleden
  • I was just wondering what film camera she uses?

    Natalia MannaNatalia Manna17 dagen geleden

  • You are all so gorgeous ❤️🙏Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us❤️

  • ava I literally love u. that’s it. that’s the comment.

    jenna nicolejenna nicole18 dagen geleden
  • where’s your sunglasses from. they are so beautiful🤩🥰😄😄😄

    emma wahlstenemma wahlsten19 dagen geleden
  • I love these types of videos please continue ❤️

    Vilma Härsjö BenkeVilma Härsjö Benke19 dagen geleden
  • Ok, can I live with you??

    Mariana ForzanoMariana Forzano19 dagen geleden
  • you’re literally living the dream sis

    Jalissa MurrellJalissa Murrell20 dagen geleden
  • wait how'd you make enough money

    sophcapone _sophcapone _20 dagen geleden
  • I’m a kid but your vlogs are nice 🎈❤️

    Zahraa CassimZahraa Cassim21 dag geleden
  • ok but does anybody where bellas dress is from i need it

    Kelly BrandtKelly Brandt21 dag geleden
  • Jesus loves ya

    Gg AGg A21 dag geleden
  • Does anyone know where to get her crewneck that says don't trip over what's behind you?

    Hope MunroeHope Munroe21 dag geleden
    • its from all things lilly ann

      lucylucy19 dagen geleden
  • U prove that the earth is just so beautiful and aesthetic :)

    Lilly RoenfeldtLilly Roenfeldt22 dagen geleden
  • *"not me getting hit on in the parking lot"* lol

    Hawaii StateballHawaii Stateball22 dagen geleden
  • i must know where bella’s dress is from.

    meg nielsenmeg nielsen23 dagen geleden
  • I bet Ava is the best hype woman in her friend group and is always boosting the other girls up. :)

    Milena TapiaMilena Tapia23 dagen geleden
  • Where do you get your earrings!?!

    Mary RMary R23 dagen geleden
  • I feel like I’m travelling in this vlog because Hawaii is just so pretty 🥺

    Crystal LeeCrystal Lee24 dagen geleden
  • i have a gsp too and her name is ella and she’s 8 and just seeing your dog so young and little made me sob

    Jenna JJenna J24 dagen geleden
  • does anyone know where Bella’s dress is from? IM IN LOVE

    natalia snatalia s24 dagen geleden
  • anyone know what bella's channel is?

    Simply HollySimply Holly24 dagen geleden
  • where did you get your film camera from?

    addie leeaddie lee25 dagen geleden
  • Hi my name is Jennifer Brooke Edwards and I am from Thomasville nc usa? I JUST SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR NLworld CHANNEL SWEETIE? There i books series to read is called the mortal instruments city of bones by Cassandra Clare

    Jennifer EdwardsJennifer Edwards25 dagen geleden
  • Girlll your videos make me literally want to leave uni and move to Hawaii oml, its GORGEOUS. You're living THE LIFEEEE.

    Grace EmileGrace Emile25 dagen geleden
  • Living in southern Illinois means that a 14 hours car ride to Florida is not bad lol

    McKayla WilliamsMcKayla Williams25 dagen geleden
  • Oh damn 1.36 mill subs ill never eat my cereal from your tummy

    Killerkam187Killerkam18725 dagen geleden
  • Ur just so good at giving me the HAWAII VIBE ❤️❤️❤️ love ya

    Ky DamKy Dam27 dagen geleden

    Lily TomlinsonLily Tomlinson27 dagen geleden
  • Bikini haul??!??!

    justin Bieber fanjustin Bieber fan27 dagen geleden
  • love this !! 🦋🌴🥥 also, my road trips tend to be 2+ hr long, I would LOVE to only drive 30 minutes 😅

    Margaret KruseMargaret Kruse27 dagen geleden
  • Imagine having a best friend haha😄

    Ana DalmacijaAna Dalmacija28 dagen geleden
  • I’m in love with ur ringss!! Where are they from?!

    Ella DonnellyElla Donnelly28 dagen geleden
  • This Video was just CUTE love it!!!!!!❤️❤️

    katisa 2012katisa 201228 dagen geleden
  • What type of dog do you have? Because I'm pretty dang sure we just got the same breed lol

    Natalie RobertsNatalie Roberts28 dagen geleden
  • im literally crying your living my dream life and im in jersey city when its 10 degrees

    Julia PottsJulia Potts28 dagen geleden
  • just watched my first video of yours last night and im so thanksful i found you! your voice, the editing, the music, the shots; everything is so beautiful and peaceful !! im literally shocked it's so well made !! keep going girl !!! love from paris

    Nina AnaNina Ana29 dagen geleden
  • Gurl your Bikini collection makes me so happy.. i wish i could afford that meant given the fact I’m in the sea most days 😂

    Jessie JukesJessie Jukes29 dagen geleden
  • i see u lolll

    Sophia HaughtonSophia Haughton29 dagen geleden
  • Ava can u pls do a jewelry collection vid? I love uuu

    Maria MejiaMaria Mejia29 dagen geleden

    Julia PottsJulia Potts29 dagen geleden
  • This is the life I need

    Allegra MosconAllegra Moscon29 dagen geleden
  • Ava stay lit 🔥

    SnorlaxSnorlaxMaand geleden
  • Hi random question but where did you get your pressed flower bookmark? I love it so much

    Elise ChandlerElise ChandlerMaand geleden
  • Hey Ava what film camera do you use?!?

    Noelia CevallosNoelia CevallosMaand geleden
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    eve adellineeve adellineMaand geleden
  • me watching this while its 19 degrees out where i live

    Jazmyn SkyeJazmyn SkyeMaand geleden
  • I would love that life :(

    Alyssa RiveraAlyssa RiveraMaand geleden
  • I love your vlogs so much, they just have that right energy!

    Mia RosaMia RosaMaand geleden

    Claire Bear15Claire Bear15Maand geleden
  • Ava give me all the childhood dreams come true to see pipeline 😂

    Olivia MattsonOlivia MattsonMaand geleden
  • Hey Ava! I was wondering if you had a PO Box? ☺️☺️

    Georgia KateGeorgia KateMaand geleden
  • i can’t express how lucky you are to live somewhere like this wow

    finnfinnMaand geleden
    • ikr i wanna live a lifestyle like hers

      hey lolhey lol29 dagen geleden
  • Is this Honolulu Hawaii? Because me and my sister are planning a trip for this upcoming summer🤗

    kim pkim pMaand geleden
  • how bad is covid in hawaii

    Cherilyn Sara MarieCherilyn Sara MarieMaand geleden
  • LOVE YOU🦋🪴🌺

    Sarah CalamiaSarah CalamiaMaand geleden
  • This was so cute! Hawaii is so so beautiful!

    Kayla ComptonKayla ComptonMaand geleden
  • bro i wish i lived in oahu. I live in maui, born and raised. BEAUTIFUL but boring bruh ok surf and like no good shopping place haha

    midnightdancer Qmidnightdancer QMaand geleden
  • I can't wait for the next episode

    Nidia GomezNidia GomezMaand geleden
  • your so pretty!! where did you get your rings from I love them so much!!🤎🤎

    Ginger RosenheckGinger RosenheckMaand geleden
  • you guys are so pretty omggg

    Katelynnn 08Katelynnn 08Maand geleden
  • We should hang out I just moved here and have no friends 😭

    hope cunnanhope cunnanMaand geleden
  • where did you get the hoodie that says, “don’t trip over whats behind you” ???

    Stella WatsonStella WatsonMaand geleden
    • all things lilly ann x

      Aimee FarmerAimee Farmer29 dagen geleden
  • okay but who cut that cake like that? 😂😩

    Jas MJas MMaand geleden
  • i’m obsessed with this video

    michaela mcmanusmichaela mcmanusMaand geleden
  • where is your friends pink dress from at the picnic!!!!????

    kiana harrillkiana harrillMaand geleden
  • Can you address the bugs/spiders in Hawaii?😂 I’ve always dreamt of making the move there, but spider horror stories that I hear are stopping me

    Kalen ValliereKalen ValliereMaand geleden
  • More books pls

    Bella HolmanBella HolmanMaand geleden
  • You are so beautiful! You remind me of America Ferrera from sisterhood of the traveling pants! Also I love all you jewelry, especially the earrings if you are looking for ideas, I'd love a jewelry collection video:)

    Denali CrumDenali CrumMaand geleden
  • where is bella’s dress from??

    Annie FurnessAnnie FurnessMaand geleden
  • You’re making me want to move there!! Hawaii is my favorite place everrrrr ❤️❤️❤️

  • ava Jules is one of the few you tubers where I will watch their whole video and not just skip it lol

    Lily YLily YMaand geleden
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