Hawaii Life ❀ beach vacation with my boyfriend (last days of summer)

10 sep. 2020
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Hawaii Life ❀ beach vacation with my boyfriend (last days of summer) I rented a beach house with my boyfriend on O'ahu for a little staycation getaway! We had such an enjoyable time soaking up the last days of summer 2020 :') All outfits & bikinis are linked below! Thank you for watching, hope you enjoyed this mix of aesthetic & chaos haha.
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  • GOODBYE SUMMER 2020! I hope you love this video & the mix of aesthetic/chaos hahaha. Follow my IG @avajules_ and let’s be friends 🤍👄🤍

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      Ashley NicoleAshley Nicole5 maanden geleden
  • I’m a friend of Tutu’s living in NYC. Just want you to know how much I love your energy, gratitude and positive vibes! You’re awesome!💕

    Connie FalconeConnie Falcone20 uur geleden
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  • (blue heart) btw its my dads computer I love you're videos and u make me more confident :) u make me look at life in a a different way

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