Getting Personal: acne struggles, self-acceptance, & body confidence

27 jan. 2021
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getting personal: acne struggles, self acceptance, body confidence. thanks to belif for sponsoring this video! shop the Moisturizing Bomb:
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we were made to be real, not made to be perfect.
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  • you’re enough

    Ava JulesAva JulesMaand geleden
    • I love you girl! You seriously have helped me so so much with self love!!❤

      Mo FAVMo FAV8 dagen geleden
    • @Ailidh Rose I wish I become a king haha!! Ava is so cool!

      Cris Garcia 6Cris Garcia 623 dagen geleden
    • love u QUEEN 👑

      Ailidh RoseAilidh Rose23 dagen geleden
    • Love you❤ sending lots of love from Bulgaria🇧🇬😘

      Esi ZafirovaEsi Zafirova29 dagen geleden
    • Hello how are you

      Śïmø HDŚïmø HDMaand geleden
  • Today I kinda found out I have strertch marks and it kinda drives me crazy even tho I know there normal...

    Chic AnziChic Anzi3 dagen geleden
  • I LOVE BELIEF omg I didn’t know it was popular now I love it even more 😂

    Kaylee MooreKaylee Moore4 dagen geleden
  • I love u!!!

    mattie shepherdmattie shepherd5 dagen geleden
  • hey hey, for whoever this may help. Use the actual aloe vera plant and apply it on the face and leave it for 5 minutes then moisturizerize. :)

    Bianca CabreraBianca Cabrera6 dagen geleden
  • I am turning 17 next month and saw your video - 17 things I learnt through 17 years And now I am here , I have all those problems

    hobi waterhobi water8 dagen geleden
  • I have terrible skin and it really sucks because I am pretty young so I am the only one out of all my friends with acne. But I have learned to accept it and love myself! Ava you have helped me get to where I am today with my self love! Love you!!❤

    Mo FAVMo FAV8 dagen geleden
  • I used to hate myself when my best friend ditched me.I could feel him getting distant and I tried everything in my power to make us stay friends.When i once tried to talk about it to him he completely shut me out.I still to date don't know the reason why. I even got kicked out of my own friend circle and it used to kill me seeing them do things without me.But now I'm starting to realize that maybe he just didn't want to be friends with me as simple as that and he found other people who matches with his wavelength and I can't force someone to be friends with me.ily Ava❤️

    Mithra ShajiMithra Shaji8 dagen geleden
  • Ava just brightens my mood every time she uploads!☺️💕

    E MacE Mac9 dagen geleden
  • i have been rly struggling with trich (hair pulling) and videos like these srsly help me feel less alone. like even though we dont struggle with the same things, it helps me feel less like its less odd bc in reality, everyone has issues that they go through and mine happens to be trich and anxiety. thank you sm ava for these vids, they rly help bring ppl together and cast light on lesser discussed issues, you are srsly a huge inspiration

    Abigail MohlerAbigail Mohler11 dagen geleden
  • I literally NEVER comment on a video but I love these types of videos so much, it feels like we're besties!!💕 I also saw a few stretch marks a couple of months ago and I was so happy to see it because it was a sign that I was healthy and thriving!❤️✨

    Trean DiasTrean Dias14 dagen geleden

    Abbey DaehnAbbey Daehn14 dagen geleden
  • 9:45 me in the 9th grade

    bube udehbube udeh15 dagen geleden
  • ily !

    bube udehbube udeh15 dagen geleden
  • 5:05 as u should !

    bube udehbube udeh15 dagen geleden
  • 1:42 i feel

    bube udehbube udeh16 dagen geleden
  • I feel confident af until I go to the beach with my skinny friends

    Hanna LeonardHanna Leonard18 dagen geleden
  • Girl please make a podcast!! I’d be your number 1 listener

    Medea TorgersonMedea Torgerson19 dagen geleden
  • this video is exactly what i needed

    Amalie VillarrealAmalie Villarreal19 dagen geleden
  • Have you tried cutting out dairy ? That can cause a lot of brake outs

    Shy’s Art studioShy’s Art studio19 dagen geleden
  • yall are beautiful

    liv marieliv marie19 dagen geleden

    Kirsten BurmesterKirsten Burmester20 dagen geleden
  • you are one of the best humans on this earth -- you deserve the world Ava, you've helped so many people :)

    Veronica QuinnVeronica Quinn20 dagen geleden
  • This acne will pass. But first huhuhuhuuuhuhuuu

    mich is always hungrymich is always hungry21 dag geleden
  • I’m struggling so bad with my skin😞😞😞

    Rocio CarrizoRocio Carrizo21 dag geleden
  • This video really puts a lot of things in perspective for me and I felt like I really needed that. Love these types of videos🥰❤️

    Alexa RoseAlexa Rose21 dag geleden
  • I'm struggling to get myself moving. My mind is stopping me from moving and I can't start working out, even though it makes me happy. I'm also struggling with my acne. I've seen a dermathologist half a year ago but it still hasn't gotten better.

    Kamila KopkoKamila Kopko22 dagen geleden
  • Dont think you arent enough or not *Skinny* enough, society tells young girls that skinny is in when really it is just society's way of thinking, if you are chubby like me and you feel that you arent good enough YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, read it again, idk who came up with these super unrealistic body goals of big boobs, small waist, big butt, SCREAMS UNHUMAN. Please remember skinny or chubby you are beautiful the way you are PERIOTT. 😉😌❤❤

    Shi ShiShi Shi22 dagen geleden
  • i see u

    olivia kozlowskiolivia kozlowski22 dagen geleden
  • I don't think I hate my body shape or my body in general, I am just disgusted by some parts of my body, like my back and my face with acne. I'm watching so many "how to love yourself" videos but nobody really talks about feeling disgusted by our bodies..

    Matilde SchiavinaMatilde Schiavina22 dagen geleden
  • 💛💛💛

    Annastasiah AkanaAnnastasiah Akana22 dagen geleden
  • I just got stretch marks this is exactly what I needed

    Sasha and ShaeSasha and Shae22 dagen geleden
  • you are one of my favorite creators and this is why :)

    Deetya JagdishDeetya Jagdish23 dagen geleden
  • It’s because of the mask luv

    LilyBusteedLilyBusteed23 dagen geleden
  • my acne. i hate it. makes me feel like the ugliest person in the world. and my glasses. along with my body.

    Noelle MaryNoelle Mary23 dagen geleden
  • Going through the same thing🤍 thank you for sharing and making people feel less alone. This helped a lot!! Love you girl

    Lexi BrookeLexi Brooke23 dagen geleden
  • One of my favourite phrases ~ Aim higher than thin and young and pretty.♡ Also, loved the video ava, you're a beautiful inspiration!

    Ria GuptaRia Gupta23 dagen geleden
  • I absolutely LOVE your videos. As for the acne, it might have something to do with wearing masks. Have you looked into the laundry detergent that you are cleaning the masks with? I would def go for like an unscented natural detergent. The detergents we use for our clothes aren't really made to touch our faces and if they have a scent or harsh chemicals in them it could be causing some of the flair-ups that you are experiencing. Of course, you know your skin better than I ever will. Just a suggestion because I know I had issues with gain detergent being used to wash my masks. Caused a bunch of acne on my cheeks. I swapped over to these natural laundry sheets and had a lot less issues. XOXO

    Mags DonohueMags Donohue23 dagen geleden
  • Thank you sm i needed this

    Rachael ChambersRachael Chambers24 dagen geleden
  • You have such a beautiful soul:)

    Anabelle GrayAnabelle Gray24 dagen geleden
  • Since lockdown I've been struggling with acne issues and overtime it gotten so much worst that it affect my mental health. I can't talk to a person straight in their eyes cus I'm too embarrassed. I can't take selfies without beauty filter on and it only made me pressured coz people thought I glew up and became pretty when in reality, it's the opposite. I don't respond to videocalls. I'm too insecure and the worst thing is I can't even buy products to ease my struggle--not even a moisturizer, I'm too broke and unfortunate, it enrages me so much. I'm not trying to invalidate people with money and struggles with this issue, but it will be less harder if only I have the means. Cuz rn I can't do anything but to feel disgusted w my face. I can't even try, I feel so helpless

    oreo grahamsoreo grahams24 dagen geleden
  • i LOVE ava

    nadia 06nadia 0624 dagen geleden
  • Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Lucia Van Den HeeverLucia Van Den Heever24 dagen geleden
  • You should make a podcast. I would listen to it all of the time. You have so many important things to say.

    Madison BMadison B24 dagen geleden
  • Oahu youtuber here!!!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ new subscriber too!!! it's so cool watching other local youtubers! lol.

    itsnicoletianaitsnicoletiana25 dagen geleden
  • anyone know of any good and clean products for skin texture? i have some pretty deep acne scars from picking my face when i was younger and at this point i don’t think they’ll completely go away but i’ll try anything to make them better

    Ely LindsayEly Lindsay25 dagen geleden
    • also... i’m 21 and i’ve been struggling with acne since i was about 12, can anyone relate? i feel like i’m the only person who hasn’t caught a skin break

      Ely LindsayEly Lindsay25 dagen geleden
  • i just wanted to say you are literally my favorite youtuber ur sooooooo pretty and ur so real i literally feel like im listening to advice from the big sister i dont have

    Abby CurrierAbby Currier25 dagen geleden
  • Ilyyyy queeenn

    Mariam AshrafMariam Ashraf25 dagen geleden
  • you kind of remind me of my babysitter from way back when...she was so sweet and looks exactly like you but I'd talk to her about everything i struggled w/ when i hated my body growing up. it took me 4 or 5 years to finally accept me the eay i am. yeah, i still struggle but i'm not as hateful i was before. also ily Ava!! you're gorgeous, down to earth, understanding. thank u for these videos! you're the only person i can watch talk for a long time about this topic (: self confidence boost ✅

    LyfiiLyfii25 dagen geleden
  • I hate everything about myself but you make me want to love myself

    samba Figueiredosamba Figueiredo25 dagen geleden
  • I literally love you you are my soulmate friend

    Carli ClymerCarli Clymer25 dagen geleden
  • I literally feel your pain!! I used to never get acne and now since I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten it so much more than I used to. 😩 You still look beautiful!! Good luck 💓💓

    Lentley FergusonLentley Ferguson25 dagen geleden
  • I enjoyed your content a lot! I have been trying to look for a NLworld vid like yours that really teaches the topics in this vid. 👍 👌Your video actually is similar to the videos from this new Dr Ethan! His demonstrations are helpful and I actually learned a lot for my exams! Go see his YT out and give Doctor Ethan a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanOnNLworld

    bradley meachambradley meacham26 dagen geleden
  • You are like a big sister to me

    bake n' flakebake n' flake26 dagen geleden
  • I never thought that u r half Filipino not until I visit da description box. Btw I’m a Filipino 🤗

    Althea Rose De LeonAlthea Rose De Leon26 dagen geleden
  • I struggled with hormonal acne after I had my daughter. I am on bactrim and it has helped tremendously! Ask your doc about it it has changed my life. And it’s not as intense as accutane.

    Christine CChristine C26 dagen geleden
  • Hey I love you so much and you always help me to feel more confident. I used to have the same problem with acne all over my cheek(and still do sometimes). If it’s on your cheeks like that it means it’s most likely hormonal acne and can be caused by estrogens in dairy products. Try cutting out dairy it helps because I know acne can be so painful

    Leighton MichelleLeighton Michelle26 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for this ❤️

    Jayda SJayda S27 dagen geleden
  • i loved this video sm. thank u so much for the love you give us

    kiarakiara27 dagen geleden
  • I love you

    CHARLIX RAECHARLIX RAE27 dagen geleden
  • this made me tear up! i'm going through major acne struggles now, more than i've ever had in the past (and i'm 23) where I start to cry when I even think about it or look in a mirror. It's been taking a toll on my mental health and it wasn't that great to begin with. Ava you inspire me SO much and i look up to you!

    Yvanna HaddadYvanna Haddad27 dagen geleden
  • omg I love you and your confidence to talk about your acne. My acne has gotten really bad recently and I’ve tried so many different products. Hearing you talk about your acne so confidentially gave me so much more confidence. Ily

    Katie NelsonKatie Nelson27 dagen geleden
  • totally gonna work on saying positive affirmations the next 30 days. if ava believes in me; then i can believe in myself and accomplish anything.

    Camryn KCamryn K27 dagen geleden
  • in all honesty I have been really struggling with my weight since the gyms are closed. thank you for just being you!!!

    Rabia SheikhRabia Sheikh27 dagen geleden
  • this is one of the MANY reasons why i LOVE ava. she helps me through so much. she is not afraid to talk about these topics so many people are afraid to talk about. you help me feel confident in so many ways. i love that even though i don’t know you personally i still feel like i do, and i feel like i can connect and relate to you and feel better about my self. you especially help me feel confident in my own body, and you have helped me to realize that acne is normal and it makes you beautiful and unique not ugly. you bring me so much happiness. so thank you ava! you are truly the best!!💛💛

    Lily TomlinsonLily Tomlinson27 dagen geleden
  • Definitely with an eating disorder and body confidence

    Hannah KayleneHannah Kaylene27 dagen geleden
  • This woman deserves the world!!!! She is so beautiful inside and out, so real, so mature❤️

    Ines Aboal BarreiroInes Aboal Barreiro27 dagen geleden
  • I don’t know how you do it But every time I need a video like this you post one You are amazing 🧡🧡🧡

    Banana Na5Banana Na527 dagen geleden
  • Your transparency is inspiring! Nothing more beautiful than an honest and confident women! Love watching you grow!!

    Isabella ZapataIsabella Zapata27 dagen geleden
  • Ava’s videos give me enough serotonin to last the rest of my work day also I’m 23 and still get acne I love your message of normalizing it

    Isabella DeTomaIsabella DeToma27 dagen geleden
  • Please start a podcast!!! 💕

    Gabriella YanezGabriella Yanez27 dagen geleden
  • Ok but the setup is like so aesthetic and like beach summer vibes I wanna move to hawaiii

    Lexi GraceLexi Grace27 dagen geleden
  • I’ve been off bc for like 3 months now and my acne is the worst it’s ever been and it’s making me feel so insecure and worried about how I look around guys. I’m just like so not confident in myself and like how I look and I know I shouldn’t care but like as a single person I want to feel and look confident but I don’t feel at all like that when I look so bad

    cassie ploofcassie ploof27 dagen geleden
  • Your so pretty 🥺💕

    widlyne raymondwidlyne raymond27 dagen geleden
  • Try curology, this has really helped me with Acne.

    thushara tomthushara tom28 dagen geleden
  • What I’m struggling with is finding myself while in a relationship. Not only is it starting to get “toxic” but my significant other has been so disrespectful and when something doesn’t go their way they throw a tantrum and blame someone else rather than accepting they made a mistake and figuring out how they can correct it next time. My depression has been off the charts and this person doesn’t help matters even after I talk about it with them and sometimes talking about it causes more arguing. I’d like to know y’all’s thoughts on the matter, what y’all would do, what’s the best way to handle a situation like this, how should I confront myself about what’s happening.

    Hailey TilleyHailey Tilley28 dagen geleden
  • I NEEDED THIS! Thank you queen 🥰

    Salt water KataraSalt water Katara28 dagen geleden
  • I just Want you(Ava)to know that you have helped me get through some really hard times and I’ve struggled really hard with an eating disorder and Through my recovery from anorexia,You have made me feel beautiful and your kind words and you just being you have helped me to love myself again!Thank you so much for being a role model to me!💕

    laney walshlaney walsh28 dagen geleden
  • Ava this video is so inspiring.And it means so much to me.I’m 13.I have acne ( on my face ) and also white spots like on my cheeks and forehead and I also have body acne.This videos cheers me up so much.Like in my class I’m one of the only ones that have a kinda severe acne and the fact that we have to wear masks makes it worst and I always get disappointed in myself.So yeah thank you so much for the video.Love you Ava 😘😘

    aksaya arulaksaya arul28 dagen geleden
  • for anyone who’s self conscious, remember that stretch marks are OK! we’re not built to be standing 24/7 so obviously it is natural to have stretch marks. i have some small friends and some bigger friends, and we all have them. there’s no need to be ashamed 💞 hope i helped someone :)

    jbjb28 dagen geleden
  • you’re literally iconic 💕

    Bryn ShermanBryn Sherman28 dagen geleden
  • I’m currently really struggling with self confidence and honestly it’s getting quite tiring :( for example i just feel so much lamer than everyone who generally seem like such awesome people and feel like i’m wasting their time and like what even do i have to say... i keep wanting to sort of shrink and disappear because of that voice telling me to back off and know my place 😔

    AikaAika28 dagen geleden
  • I have been feeling really alone lately and my anxiety has been really bad and idk what to do and how to stop feeling like I have 1 friend and that’s it

    Laney WinslowLaney Winslow28 dagen geleden
  • birth control has cleared my hormonal acne!

    s gs g28 dagen geleden
  • Hello. This vid is informative. I've been trying to find for vid like yours that teaches everything in this video! 👌 👩‍⚕️ The part at 1:25 is my fav. Your lesson really is like the content of Dr Ethan. Doctor's demonstrations are actually knowledgable and I actually learned a lot for finals. He is an insightful medical student in the UK and he talks about diabetes! You should really see his YT out and give Doctor Ethan a like here! ➡️ #DoctorEthanStudent

    Paul ShermanPaul Sherman28 dagen geleden
  • who else said it with her “I am beautiful, I am enough, I am worthy” 🤣🤣

    Yumna BahgatYumna Bahgat28 dagen geleden
  • Your channel is my comfort channel 100%

    Faith AlexisFaith Alexis29 dagen geleden
  • pls start making a podcastttt

    Kyle AlexandriaKyle Alexandria29 dagen geleden
  • ava you’re honestly so inspiring and have helped me with my confidence so much! i’ve been struggling with acne for years and trying to find my confidence! thank you for normalizing it!!!!!!

    Natalie MacriNatalie Macri29 dagen geleden
  • also i personally LOVE stretch marks. i wish i had more tbh

    isabelisabel29 dagen geleden
  • PLEASE start a podcast! just record something whenever you have time (if u don't have time then don't worry about it) but also i wanted to say i've been struggling with acne too. my acne isn't that bad, just fungal acne skin colored bumps but i hate it. it makes me feel so gross and ugly. it just feels like a constant struggle and it's EXHAUSTING. i've been taking prescribed medication and it's helped but not much. it just sucks.

    isabelisabel29 dagen geleden
  • You are a walking taking miracle every single day of the week

    Mika PlayzMika Playz29 dagen geleden
  • pls make a podcast....

    Graci CraigGraci Craig29 dagen geleden
  • over last year and this year, i feel like i’ve been gaining weight in my face, and i just look at my face and wish my cheeks didn’t sag down as much. I also try to eat healthy and i get sad and start eating, and feel like i gain 10 more pounds. I don’t know how to feel better about myself

    kadynce demeulenaerekadynce demeulenaere29 dagen geleden
  • hey ava ! I just wanted to say how much watching your videos mean to me and my mental health. you have helped me tremendously by reminding me to love myself and others no matter what ! I can honestly say watching this video has reminded me that no i am not perfect, but thats okay. So thank you for continuing to make my life and days so much better !! love you !!!!!

    Leah MintonLeah Minton29 dagen geleden
  • I am not feelling good ...i am not good ..i need help

    Essalehy hasnaaEssalehy hasnaa29 dagen geleden
  • Ava is my inspiration to love myself❤🥺

    Esi ZafirovaEsi Zafirova29 dagen geleden
  • im so late to this video but i just love how much of a positive vibe your channel has and I JUST WISH WE WERE FRIENDS YOU ARE SUCH A NICE PERSON 😭😭😭 10/10 would recommend 👌🏻

    Marlene PestanaMarlene Pestana29 dagen geleden
  • i need this love you🥺❤️

    Gabrysia ŁaweckaGabrysia Ławecka29 dagen geleden
  • if only i was friends with ava... but i’m 16

    Blob FishBlob Fish29 dagen geleden