get fit for back to school *what I eat & how I workout

13 aug. 2020
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get fit for back to school *what I eat & how I workout to be healthy! I know a lot of you are going back to school and whether or not it's online school or in person, it feels good to feel confident! I'm taking you along for a few days in my life & showing you some of my favorite workouts and healthy habits! Health is so individual and it's okay to get "off track" sometimes. I've been really into creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for myself the past few months and I'm loving how I feel. Trust me there's day when I don't workout and I eat whatever I see, but I don't get down on myself for that because that's life! It's all about finding your balance. I hope you enjoy this video :) xoxo
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age: 19 (born in 2000)
height: I'm 5'8''
ethnicity: Filipino, Portuguese, Italian, Hawaiian + a lot more haha I'm very mixed!
where are you from? I was born & raised on O'ahu, Hawai'i
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  • happy thursday! 🍉🍓 all of my outfits that I’m wearing in this video are linked in the description :) follow my IG @avajules_ for some more workout & food inspoooo!

    Ava JulesAva Jules6 maanden geleden
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      Nusayba YusufNusayba Yusuf6 maanden geleden
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  • I loveeeeee your videosss! You, your videos, and food brings me excitement before I go to bed so I can wake up early in the morning, and keeps me staying productive ☀️🌊!

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  • i would really like to see a video where you talk about motivation and just creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself. I haven’t worked out in over two months because every time i do i feel awful and instantly compare myself to how my friends and people on social media look and working out never gives me that feeling of happiness. just advice on staying motivated to workout and making it a habit along with healthy eating

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  • Story time : I go back to sch😭🤮l on Wednesday. Butttt... At the beginning of quarantine I dyed my hair blue 🙃 but I wanted my natural blond hair back that I've had my entire life (I'm 13) sooo... I bkeched it and put a more natural blond over it, but now My HaIr iS gReEn 😑💚. So I gonna dye my hair a light brown👍. Wish me luck!!! Love u ava 😘😘😘

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