Books You NEED to Read in 2021 *that will make you love reading

10 jan. 2021
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Books You NEED to Read in 2021 *that will make you love reading! These are my current favorite book recommendations and my recent reads! Leave your favorite book recs down below :) Do you enjoy these kind of videos?
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We Were Liars:
They Both Die at the End:
History Is All You Left Me:
Midnight Sun:
Diary of Anne Frank:
Atomic Habits:
The Defining Decade:
4 Hour Work Week:
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  • my first book video!! do you want to see more of these? follow my IG avajules_ to see what I'm currently reading

    Ava JulesAva JulesMaand geleden
    • Yes!

      Sky W EditsSky W Edits2 dagen geleden
    • @Random Roro a

      Leena KarimLeena Karim3 dagen geleden
    • Yesssssss!

      Maria Vivanco DørreMaria Vivanco Dørre6 dagen geleden
    • Love your video!

      Kerry ChengKerry Cheng19 dagen geleden
    • Yessssss

      Riley KayRiley Kay23 dagen geleden
  • Loved this video so much 🥰 going to get them all eheh!

    luanamargarida mgluanamargarida mg5 uur geleden
  • Okay I’m late to this video and I’m not one to comment...But “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero completely changed my outlook on life. Highly recommend, I’m def more of a fan of self -improvement books.

    Brianna C.Brianna C.10 uur geleden
  • a lot of natives *including myself* are offended by midnight sun and the potrayal of natives but... vampires. yay ig

    joliejolie14 uur geleden
  • me coming back to this video MONTHS later for more book recs from the comments 🥺

    Liza MyersLiza Myers17 uur geleden
  • They both die at the end 🥲 YES SLAPS HARd I CRYED FOR 3 HOURS StRAIgHt/ I read it and now I’m into reading lmao I also bought history is all u left me I’m so exited to read it

    flower mindflower mind23 uur geleden
  • Red White and Royal Blue is a solid 10 so if you haven't read it yet go read it now! finished in a day, couldn't stop

    Lisa J.Lisa J.Dag geleden
  • There are like 45676543 plot twists in We Were Liars and I love the book but it hurt so bad man

    Gabri GotGabri GotDag geleden
  • Yess I’ve been wanting to find some more books to read so I’m excited for this yay!

    Ally JeanAlly JeanDag geleden
  • Am I the only one who thinks that she dressed up in Harry Styles style🤔

    mika amika aDag geleden
  • I loove reading but non-fiction is soo hard for me I read one a month MAX!

    Daisy ischeesyDaisy ischeesy2 dagen geleden
  • I'm not English speaker but I want to do a little thing to motivate and inspire people to enjoy reading book with me everyday. It also can help me getting better in English. Hopefully can get your support and follow. Thanks!

    RoL - Read Out LoudRoL - Read Out Loud2 dagen geleden
  • i really recommend this is not the end by chandler baker!! it has a very crazy and unexpected plot twist and overall i just really like it :)

    Layne SheltonLayne Shelton2 dagen geleden
  • if any of you guys read little women and wished that laurie and jo got together, read "Jo and Laurie". SO GOOOD and took me only a day

    sophthefrogsophthefrog2 dagen geleden
  • Alright so I read we were liars after I watched this video and oh my gosh I loved it so much and it made me cry. I am usually not interested in books but like actually. This one and another made me want to start reading more

    savana manningsavana manning2 dagen geleden
  • Ava Jules Hope you had a nice day, hope you have a nice evening.

    Andy ClarkAndy Clark2 dagen geleden
  • where'd you get that shirt omg

    Téa BTTéa BT2 dagen geleden
  • we were liars is SO GOOD

    Maria MarquesMaria Marques2 dagen geleden
  • I loved the invisible life of Adie Larue, and if you want a more diverse book Such a Fun Age is about a black girl babysitting a young white girl and when they are in the supermarket she gets accused of kidnapping her because of the color of her skin. This book touches on racial topics and I loved it.

    Alexandra BrookeAlexandra Brooke2 dagen geleden
  • Oh my gosh, yes! So happy to see a well known teen/young adult reading and discovering book tube.

    Sky W EditsSky W Edits2 dagen geleden
  • What’s your good reads?? Really liked this video defo keep doing them :)

    danni 2708danni 27083 dagen geleden
  • I would recommend the The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom it’s a short read that emphasizes that we all in a way have an impact in someone’s life and kinda teaches you lessons SUCH A GOOD READ made me view life differently and I was left speechless ;-;

    Paola TorresPaola Torres3 dagen geleden
    • However if you a looking for a psychological good thriller you should consider The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. I literally don’t know what to say besides the fact that it is such a good book. The book is about a women who is allegedly accused of killing her husband however due to the trauma she refuses to talk and just idk I don’t want to spoil anything but 100% recommend!! :D

      Paola TorresPaola Torres3 dagen geleden
  • I recommend we were liars to literally everyone I meet nothing has surpassed that book for me yet

    Adriana HarrisAdriana Harris3 dagen geleden
  • Liking the sound of We Were Liars. I've been looking for a suspense novel to get immersed into again. Might be binge watching some of your videos today. :) Do you accept book review requests?

    Sharlene AlmondSharlene Almond3 dagen geleden
  • hiii!!! .

    Nyah JulianoNyah Juliano4 dagen geleden
  • we are all sinners destined for hell. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life with Him. Accept Him as your Lord&savior. and repent (a change of mind about your sin and about who Jesus is, that results in a change of action) . you can’t still continue to live in sin. For by grace you are saved and NOT of YOUR works. start a relationship with Him!

    Jesus LovesJesus Loves4 dagen geleden
  • ok i just finished we were liars and i feel so empty. it ripped my heart out and the plot twist was crazy! i read it in like a day and i can now like find all the clues that lead up to it

    macy krobischmacy krobisch4 dagen geleden
  • If you want to get more into historical fiction try 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.' It's a short read but by the end of the book, your jaw will be on the ground. The book uses real facts but, the story gives an alternative ending. This book will stick with you for a very long time. You can also watch the movie on NLworld.

    Tracy OlsonTracy Olson4 dagen geleden
  • Any recommendations for philosophy? or romance fiction books?

    Jenn JJenn J4 dagen geleden
  • i read everyday on my phone (webtoon/ Wattpad)

    Michelle LeonnMichelle Leonn4 dagen geleden
  • HIGHLY recommend the maze runner series

    Hailie PrysnyHailie Prysny5 dagen geleden
  • I love Anne Frank's book. I read it when my country's lockdown ended and I was like oh I can relate to her a bit (by the staying at home ). It is a really good book, I already knew the ending but I was so sad when I finished it.

    Annie NelAnnie Nel5 dagen geleden
  • i read we were liars in class and i was bawling

    Brooke SinglaBrooke Singla5 dagen geleden
  • You should read Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl ! It is one of the best books I have ever read! Loved your video, Hugs from your biggest fan over here in Norway❤️

    Maria Vivanco DørreMaria Vivanco Dørre6 dagen geleden
  • I recommend 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo, so so good

    Ana BenitezAna Benitez6 dagen geleden
  • read paper towns by john green !!

    Krista SoltKrista Solt6 dagen geleden
  • Title: 'books that will make you love reading' Me: Oh yes Also me: *is a bookworm*

    well hello therewell hello there6 dagen geleden
  • i’ve read we were liars 6 times ... yeah that explains it lmao!

    Gabriella Laché MoodleyGabriella Laché Moodley6 dagen geleden
  • Nice info! Thanks! We just made a video about the most sold books in 2000, shocking discoveries 😱😱

    Gift LoversGift Lovers7 dagen geleden
  • I dont like to read but the way your telling me about these im getting hyped

    CHikEn TenDouSCHikEn TenDouS7 dagen geleden
  • Please don't reveal that there is a plot twist in a book, that's a spoiler.

    Jules Maneki NekoJules Maneki Neko8 dagen geleden
  • Where did u buy top?

    Ela111 vEla111 v8 dagen geleden
  • The Song of Achilles is SO GOOD!! A different type of heartbreak and you may need therapy after!

    Kenzie DenneyKenzie Denney8 dagen geleden
  • You should check out Hollow Heathens!!! If you liked Liars I think you’ll love Hollow Heathens. It is more supernatural but a crazy plot!

    UnapologeticHanni YoyaUnapologeticHanni Yoya9 dagen geleden

    Zainab SiddiquiZainab Siddiqui9 dagen geleden
  • if you loved 'they both die at the end' you will ADORE 'the song of Achilles' I promise (and if you know the story of the Iliad you already know it's going to tear your heart out)

    charlotte blatherwickcharlotte blatherwick9 dagen geleden
  • If you love Adam Silvera, I extremely recommend more happy than not!! It just hits different

    person 1234person 12349 dagen geleden
  • This is a book recommendations I think you might like it is called boundaries

    Kaylee FlanneryKaylee Flannery10 dagen geleden
  • Everything everything by Nicola yoon is literally the most amazing book i have ever read, warning: dont turn to the black page you see towards the end and take a sneak peak, you will spoil EVERYTHING and i had to learn the hard way😽

    Alisa MokhonkoAlisa Mokhonko10 dagen geleden
  • we were liars is so!! good!!! the plot twist is literally the whole point of the book lol

    bersabelbersabel10 dagen geleden
  • We Were Liars you truly cannot read it for a second time. The plot twist is just SHOCKING!

    Lele KokoLele Koko10 dagen geleden
  • okay this is the sign! i am going to buy and read We Were Liars coz i’ve been seeing this on booktok recommendations, it must be really good hmm 🤔🤩

    Danielle DendenDanielle Denden11 dagen geleden
  • The best book for 2021? BLONDE BOY RED LIPSTICK A transgender romance. xxx

    Emma RobertsonEmma Robertson11 dagen geleden
  • 7 ads in 10 minutes?! Come on this is annoying!

    Samira SchwanneckeSamira Schwannecke11 dagen geleden
  • Midnight sun is just a masterpiece😍

    HappinessisthekeyHappinessisthekey11 dagen geleden
  • finished we were liars and currently reading normal people which I read because of you. We were liars broke me and normal people is so interesting so far. Can't wait for your next book video!!

    Isabel SophiaIsabel Sophia11 dagen geleden
  • song of Achilles the inheritance games six of crows Sherwood shadow and bone the cruel prince heartless

    KATIE fORDHAMKATIE fORDHAM12 dagen geleden
  • Ava read Stay with me by Nicole Fiorina! its a series and its like wow just wow it is like 18+ if yk what I mean 😼 BUT ITS SO AMAZING I CANT!!!!!!

    Viola NoelViola Noel12 dagen geleden
  • my number one recommendation is "all the bright places" by jennifer niven; the movie did not do it justice imo!!!

    Chiara Di ScipioChiara Di Scipio12 dagen geleden
  • I recommend A Very Large Expanse of Sea! I think it might be one of my favorites after We Were Liars and Everything, Everything

    dede adede a12 dagen geleden
  • 10000000/10 recommend you read More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera. That was the first book of his I read and it’s my FAVORITE book!

    Lexii ColeLexii Cole13 dagen geleden
  • reading they both die at the end currently almost done and i’m so nervous for the end

    kimberly ruizkimberly ruiz13 dagen geleden
  • the acotar series by sarah j maas is AMAZING. the 2nd and 3rd books are quite chunky (600+ pages) but like no joke i read for 6 hours straight to get through them. you could read the 1st book (a court of thorns and roses) on it's own, but the other two books are so much better and more interesting that i would really recommend you read the whole series. my new favourite books.

    Hazel MHazel M13 dagen geleden
  • I see u

    Kiera DempseyKiera Dempsey14 dagen geleden
  • You need to read The Tattooist of Auschwitz !!!

    Tania DavilaTania Davila14 dagen geleden
  • i read we were liars last summer and i lost it, for sure one of the best books that ive read!

    Susana SilvaSusana Silva14 dagen geleden
  • You should read the "Caraval" series, it's literally THE BEST. You will enjoy every second of it, its so magical you will get addicted!!

    Jana DJana D14 dagen geleden
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

    amma 3275amma 327515 dagen geleden
  • try reading books by karen mcmanus

    Tsahai McGeachyTsahai McGeachy15 dagen geleden
  • Love you’re top where is it from ?

    Lulu MclaughlinLulu Mclaughlin15 dagen geleden
  • You should read "the twin" it is sooo good .

    ACE StoczynskiACE Stoczynski15 dagen geleden
  • Omg girl crush

    taylor alitaylor ali15 dagen geleden

    amma 3275amma 327515 dagen geleden
  • I read the first book the ending I cried I read it in one day the only thing is there was not many character development

    Yamiley PierreYamiley Pierre15 dagen geleden

    PilarPilar15 dagen geleden
  • I think you might like "one of us is lying" i cant remember the author but it made me love reading for the first time in years so would recommend !!!

    Montgomery MultiMontgomery Multi15 dagen geleden
  • try the seven husbands of evelyn hugo! its about this world's version of like Marilyn Monroe , this journalist gets to listen to and write a story about her life and her seven husbands and like its so heartbreaking but also literally the best book ever (tw for domestic abuse, alcoholism, and homophobia)

    Taylor LaymanTaylor Layman16 dagen geleden
  • anything by khaled hoseinni is a banger, it rips you apart

    Natalia MenjivarNatalia Menjivar16 dagen geleden
  • I would really love to read books and get into reading however, it's always been a challenge for me to find books that I enjoy especially in libraries around me and I just can't afford to purchase books online. But. I definitely know there are a lot of intriguing books out there. 👀(^U^)ノ~i will find you someday, 'good books'.

    『』『』16 dagen geleden
    • Bro same I’m trying to get into to reading but I can’t find good books:(

      Elijah KehoeElijah Kehoe12 dagen geleden
  • My book recommendations: • Fantasy Six of Crows The Raven Boys (More like magical realism than fantasy but highly recommended) Throne of Glass (assassins and royalty but so much more) The Cruel Prince (i hate you but i can’t stop thinking about you so i hate you more) The Shadows Between Us (ily but i’m supposed to kill you vibes) The Invisible Life of Addie Larue (historical + fantasy this book will break you) •Dystopian The Selection (Bachelor but with princesses) Scythe (world where death is defeated) Legend •Contemporary Anna and The French Kiss (slow burn) Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour Second Chance Summer (really sad) The Summer I Turned Pretty (Friends to lovers) •Other fiction recs/classics The Secret History Jane Eyre The Great Gatsby The picture of Dorian Grey Nectar in a Seive • Non Fiction: Educated The Glass Castle I am Malala

    Alexandra BAlexandra B16 dagen geleden
  • WE WERE LIARS BROKE ME!! reading it multiple times makes it even worse

    Alexandra BAlexandra B16 dagen geleden
  • You should read sharp objects!! It’s a really good thriller novel

    NayakNayak17 dagen geleden
  • Loved this video! Thank you for the suggestions. You have to read “the perfect marriage” by jeneva rose! It’s more of a thriller book but it’s so good.

    Amanda MarieAmanda Marie17 dagen geleden
  • okay but quick amazing reads : the hating game and the kiss quotient they are so sweet and great for a sunday read

    Georgia ReillyGeorgia Reilly17 dagen geleden
  • omg i was at the book store today and they didn’t have they both die at the end and i was heartbroken i want to read it so bad but i got little women and pride and prejudice

    Louise MclaughlinLouise Mclaughlin17 dagen geleden
  • my FAVORITE book is ‘all the light we cannot see’. i think it can be harder to follow for some people, since it’s a relatively high reading level, but it is just so beautifully heartbreaking. several times while reading it i found myself thinking “how does somebody come up with a story like this??” i highly highly recommend. it’s about 2 children on opposite sides of WW2, a blind french girl and a genius german boy. there’s SO MUCH more than that to the plot, but i don’t want to give anything away. all i can say is that everybody should read it at some time in their life.

    sharon ohsharon oh17 dagen geleden
  • Thank you so much for the recommendations:) you should read, the spy and the traitor, master and margarita, the last girl, how to feed a dictator, and the outsider. Best books I read in 2020

    Alexandra TalbotAlexandra Talbot17 dagen geleden
  • if you like one of us is lying by karen mcmanus, you should definitely read the inheritance games by jennifer lynn barnes! it’s so good!!!

    ashlynashlyn18 dagen geleden
  • Ava, if you enjoyed Anna Franks diary, you’ll love the Tattooist of Auscwitz, and Cilka’s Journey😩 Amazing heart breaking ww2 books from real people’s story

    Aoife LongAoife Long18 dagen geleden
  • My heart and other blackholes definitely tore my heart. A must read!

    Elyedhia QuillopoElyedhia Quillopo18 dagen geleden
  • i see u

    Itz AlahnaItz Alahna18 dagen geleden
  • Can u pls review a girls guide to tea and tomorrow!?

    Bananas 1Bananas 118 dagen geleden
  • the woman in the window is legitimately the best book i have ever read. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

    Madeline CarterMadeline Carter18 dagen geleden
  • The book of broken hearts by Sarah Ockler is amazing !!

    Michelle HernandezMichelle Hernandez18 dagen geleden
  • wait why is your copy of we were liars so thick 😳 mine is literally only half as big

    the book frogthe book frog18 dagen geleden
  • We Were Liars was the book that got me back into reading too!!

    Eve HalonenEve Halonen19 dagen geleden
  • i think my favorite genre is non fiction because when i was in school i’d only read non fiction

    itsscaeleycxitsscaeleycx19 dagen geleden
  • i’m just now getting into reading! i’ll have to keep these in mind

    itsscaeleycxitsscaeleycx19 dagen geleden
  • guys i just read we were liars because of this video and she was not kidding about that plot twist, you should definitely read this book it’s insane

    Roxanna MartinezRoxanna Martinez19 dagen geleden

    Amanda NicholsonAmanda Nicholson19 dagen geleden