8AM online school morning routine *productive!

3 sep. 2020
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8AM online school morning routine *productive! this is my online college productive morning routine :) I started online school a year ago and have learned that having a relaxing and mindful morning helps me have a productive day! what time do you wake up for school?
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age: 19 (born in 2000)
height: I'm 5'8''
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where are you from? I was born & raised on O'ahu, Hawai'i
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  • is your school online or in person? 🍋🍊🍓 follow my IG @avajules_ for more fun :)

    Ava JulesAva Jules5 maanden geleden
    • Online and i hate it

      layanlayan15 dagen geleden
    • Online I love it

      Evelyn GraceEvelyn Grace29 dagen geleden
    • In person ❤

      Addison GrayAddison GrayMaand geleden
    • online :)

      maxinemaxineMaand geleden
    • @Katerina Tsantili same

      Hailee CicconeHailee CicconeMaand geleden
  • 7

    Εμμανουελα ΣιγανουΕμμανουελα Σιγανου4 uur geleden
  • Bro, that room/ house looks so free and peaceful. Ily

    Ellie’s LifeEllie’s LifeDag geleden
  • Where do you get your long shorts?

    Annie NelAnnie Nel5 dagen geleden
  • I don’t understand why 136 people disliked this like why WHY?

    Leila Gordon-RogersLeila Gordon-Rogers7 dagen geleden
  • school usually starts ate 7 am in Brazil, so... 8 am would be a blessing

    Jessica TarabalJessica Tarabal7 dagen geleden
  • every person ever on NLworld making online school morning routines: Hey guys so I usually go to bed around 9-11 pm and wake up at 6 or 7. me: going to bed at 2 or 3 am and waking up at 2pm because I literally don't care.

    Avery MortonAvery Morton8 dagen geleden
  • i see you hahahahahahaha

    Catherine TolanCatherine Tolan9 dagen geleden
  • the thing is that i wake up at 8:30a.m and i have my online classes at the same time .(i'm lazy)

    Sara El YaakoubiSara El Yaakoubi12 dagen geleden
  • Breakfast ideas - Yoghurt with fruit and granola Avocado and beans on toast Chocolate chip and peanut butter overnight oats

    Niamh PeakeNiamh Peake12 dagen geleden
  • You make me so happy!! Sometimes when i have a little mental breakdown, i just watch your video's to be a little happier! I love you so so much and im so happy that i find you!!

    Aimée SchoenmaeckersAimée Schoenmaeckers13 dagen geleden
  • At night I can't get my giggles out so before I get to bed I Go crazy

    Megan BeltranMegan Beltran13 dagen geleden
  • omg your house is so bright

    Maria TsiokaniMaria Tsiokani14 dagen geleden
  • I wake up 6AM :(

    Brenda NascimentoBrenda Nascimento14 dagen geleden
  • I wake up at 6am and my school is two hours away. I live just right outside of the city

    Snickernoodle10Snickernoodle1018 dagen geleden
  • ,, i see u '' lol. Yes please make a video on how to be successful. It would mean the world for me.

    xtinkyxtinky18 dagen geleden

    Lucia ZaldivarLucia Zaldivar19 dagen geleden
  • 8:40 something or maybe before that

    samuel torressamuel torres21 dag geleden

    Willemijn 123Willemijn 12321 dag geleden
  • i recommend ✨ c e r e a l ✨ xoxoxoxoxoxo

    NatashaNatasha23 dagen geleden
  • online!!

    Carli ClymerCarli Clymer23 dagen geleden
  • I hate making my bed

    Samhitha VinaySamhitha Vinay24 dagen geleden
  • i have a question how did you do your wallpaper on your laptop like you made it??

    keke Fontkeke Font25 dagen geleden
  • how many hours is your morning routine?

    Shiro MuchiriShiro Muchiri25 dagen geleden
  • I wake up at 7am for school😫

    slimes by sisslimes by sis27 dagen geleden
  • I wake up at 7:30 - 8 :)

    Elana MonzonElana Monzon29 dagen geleden
  • I always drop my phone lol

    Evelyn GraceEvelyn Grace29 dagen geleden
  • hiiiii what are you taking in college???

    Taryn HunterTaryn HunterMaand geleden
  • My bus used to come at 630 in high school😂 my first class was at 715....new york doing all sorts of wrong things lol

    coxy1269coxy1269Maand geleden
  • Gurl how tf do u get up at 8:00 am? I keep my alarm at 7:00am and get up just 2 min before the class. Gimme tips plsss

  • can someone relate to this or just me 1. zoom starts at 8:10 I get up at 8:09 to get on class 2. skipping a class you don't like or cause you have a missing assignment for that class or they will give you a lot of homework 3. forgetting completely about that class cause your doing something else 4. debating on if you want to join class or not 5. watching Ava Jules on NLworld during zoom.. yah I caught you 6. not replying or saying answer cause you don't know the question or you did not hear the question 7. waiting till last second to turn in assignments 8. not dressing well cause you know you wont have to turn your camera on cause teacher does not ask 9. being paranoid if you have mic on or camera on. 10. accidently leave mic or camera on or do something embarrassing during zoom comment which one you do...

    AurxoraAurxoraMaand geleden
  • 2:01 wellll if my mom heard me cutting food on the counter she would come at me

    AurxoraAurxoraMaand geleden
  • avocado toast yummm

    Lily and Alaura Calkins and mitchellLily and Alaura Calkins and mitchellMaand geleden
  • Your vibe is so simple yet aesthetically pleasing and beachy vibes and I’m here for it✨

    Alaina HicksAlaina HicksMaand geleden
  • I like oatmeal

    Alyssa FletcherAlyssa FletcherMaand geleden
  • okay honestly I'm so jealous, I'm from Germany and our classes start at 7:35 every morning so I am actually just falling out of bed three minutes before lesson starts, but I love to watch your videos anyways they are great

    MaryMaryMaand geleden
  • I clicked just to dislike go workout

    gxaciebluesgxaciebluesMaand geleden
  • she is like a role model

    brenda chawdabrenda chawdaMaand geleden
  • My school I have to video chat my teacher at 9:20 or 10:00 😔😂 Edit: I didn’t mean to make those time stamps lmao

    Aizawas BitchAizawas BitchMaand geleden
  • BTW i wake up at half past 6

    Chantelle Mutsawaishe ChinyangaChantelle Mutsawaishe ChinyangaMaand geleden
  • my school is online, you ava are my fav utuber ever

    Chantelle Mutsawaishe ChinyangaChantelle Mutsawaishe ChinyangaMaand geleden
  • I am an online person I wake up at 7:30 if I only have one class and I wake up at 6:30 if I have two classes

    Mauriog!bmh PoughMauriog!bmh PoughMaand geleden
  • I do online school and have to wake up 6:30

    Addison PropesAddison PropesMaand geleden
  • i have zoom classes from 7:30 to 2:40 with a 30 min break, kill me

    vav rodvav rodMaand geleden
  • why do i feel like ava is my big sister

    Hasitha SundaragiriHasitha SundaragiriMaand geleden
  • You staying normal in person school at 8am? I'm starting at 7.20am

    Kristína Sharon OvšanyováKristína Sharon OvšanyováMaand geleden
  • literally its been like a year its so crazy omg

    olivia simpsonolivia simpsonMaand geleden
  • 10 24

    stephanie Safirstephanie SafirMaand geleden
  • I actually AM this person, getting up at 6:30 am and sitting on my desk at 8:00 am during online school:/ Don't know why...

    Amelie GilmoreAmelie GilmoreMaand geleden
  • Her morning routine is longer than my whole online school day

    Ranger_FNM ツRanger_FNM ツMaand geleden
  • omg the "if u wanna wear a dress to impress to boys on zoom... or girls!" made my bisexual self so happy thank u ava

    Clare GravelineClare GravelineMaand geleden
    • me but lesbian💀🤍

      Eva QuinlanEva QuinlanMaand geleden
  • i wanna be like ava one day!

    Abby DAbby DMaand geleden
  • i love you so much!!!! you motivate me everyday!

    Stephanie BarefootStephanie BarefootMaand geleden
  • i wake up for school at 7am cause my classes start at 8:45 and end at 3:20

    Heaven Amaya Brown-LeeHeaven Amaya Brown-LeeMaand geleden
  • Where do you get your sweat shorts?!

    Bella KawamuraBella KawamuraMaand geleden
  • Hi, It was my first time to watch your video! where did you buy your pants and matcha?

    kaeydenkaeydenMaand geleden
  • on a good day, I wake up at 6 MST but In the winter i try to wake up earlier because i live on a farm and i have to feed the animals

    Jenna KuziwJenna KuziwMaand geleden
  • I wake up at 6:30am for school

    ssMaand geleden
  • I really like eating a toast with banana and some honey, it taste really good!

    Sofie VellingaSofie VellingaMaand geleden
  • for online school when i have zooms i wake up at 6:30 - 7:00 ish but w/o zooms i wake up at 8

    Aubrey FernandesAubrey FernandesMaand geleden
  • Costco has Acai bowls, and you just need to unfreeze them!

    Olivia DeLeonOlivia DeLeonMaand geleden
  • 8:40 but I start school at like 9:30 but whatever makes me sleep in longer is what I like ps. I hate school

    Hailee CicconeHailee Ciccone2 maanden geleden
  • I really like the idea of reading while eating

    Rubi Hernandez CamarenaRubi Hernandez Camarena2 maanden geleden
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    Laura BrownLaura Brown2 maanden geleden
  • 7:00

    Cute girl SeayCute girl Seay2 maanden geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/w7F2grCojJibaq4

  • i see you

    Sophia MavrosSophia Mavros2 maanden geleden
  • 5.00

    Heather JeppsenHeather Jeppsen2 maanden geleden
  • When you opened the curtains violently I laughed because this is what I do until now...LMAO

    Sandy RilloSandy Rillo2 maanden geleden
  • I go to school and I wake up at 6:50 and be there we’ll have to be there at 7;45 so I leave at 7;32 cause that is when it opens

    Kamby k KosterKamby k Koster2 maanden geleden
  • The story is about==== (They told me ''if u show fresh meat, u'll get 2-3 million hits''..so i did it, at =1:00 - 1:07 Guess the meat is not fresh / 378.000 hits) end of the story

    cenk ayazcenk ayaz2 maanden geleden
  • Hi, so here's a tip make sure to eat three meals a day trust me it will make you feel better Ps. You get to wake up at 8:00 am my school starts at 7:40 and I leave for school at 7:10

    Madison KeuperMadison Keuper2 maanden geleden
  • whitney houston

    fco javier jimenezfco javier jimenez2 maanden geleden
  • Thank you Ava for the video I really appreciate it a lot that you took out to do that before school started

    Crystal GreenCrystal Green2 maanden geleden
  • My full name is ava jewels flores

    Ava FloresAva Flores2 maanden geleden
  • Smoothy bowl 🍓🍌🥭🥣

    MaxeetrysthingMaxeetrysthing2 maanden geleden
  • for school i wake up around 7:30 am but in general ist almost 8 am when my first lesson starts 😁😂

    Tosia GrabowskaTosia Grabowska2 maanden geleden
  • your such a great person

    Marina ElfordMarina Elford2 maanden geleden
  • I wake up for online school at 6:30 and school starts at 8:00🕊🕊

    Jennifer KemplJennifer Kempl2 maanden geleden
  • hihi we have the same computer stand

    Mia HMia H2 maanden geleden
  • cinnamon raisin toast smacks tho

    Izzy KizzyIzzy Kizzy3 maanden geleden
  • I wake up around 8 for school, but I’m changing my schedule, I’m gonna wake up at 7 and workout in the mornings, my school starts at 9( online)

    Ghosty XGhosty X3 maanden geleden
  • I wake up at 5:30 am for school because I have to go to school still because I live in Australia

    Sophie TangemanSophie Tangeman3 maanden geleden
  • love ur vid btw

    ayni osmanayni osman3 maanden geleden
  • i wake up at 800

    ayni osmanayni osman3 maanden geleden
  • "I mean if you wanna were a dress to idk.. Impress those zo0m boys,,, Or girls🤗" That made my heart happy!!

    lavenderloaflavenderloaf3 maanden geleden
  • *ah yes, i also check for bathtub monsters ngl*

    agraphia.agraphia.3 maanden geleden
  • 2:54 Period

    Alina AndrushchenkoAlina Andrushchenko3 maanden geleden
  • I wake up at about seven for online school

    willa Gaffneyborowilla Gaffneyboro3 maanden geleden
  • I love this video, because it shows the good and bad of a morning routine, and not how everyone else does it where everything is sooo perfect and good.

    Andrea HarrisAndrea Harris3 maanden geleden
  • where did you get your shoes from? so cute!

    Mia BattiataMia Battiata3 maanden geleden
  • i wake up for school anytime between 4:40 to 5:30.

    ally carolineally caroline3 maanden geleden
  • a good easy breakfast is strawberry or whatever flavor yogurt you want than some fruit (grapes, strawberries, rasberries whatever you want ) oats and honey ! oml its so good !!!

    Evie-OliviaEvie-Olivia3 maanden geleden
  • What workout app do you use??😇

    Kayleen NoctorKayleen Noctor3 maanden geleden
  • Y are u explain the story of my life this past year 😩😂😋

    Kayleen NoctorKayleen Noctor3 maanden geleden
  • I love ava so much she is a queen and she is the most positive youtuber i have ever seen i love her so much

    Kiddo mikoKiddo miko3 maanden geleden
  • I get up at 7:59 for 8 am class😌

    JanyaJanya3 maanden geleden
  • ava u r so funny u have a new subscriber

    Hasitha SundaragiriHasitha Sundaragiri3 maanden geleden
  • Pls tell us your tips for online school

    Vanessa ChloVanessa Chlo3 maanden geleden
  • Yess pls

    Vanessa ChloVanessa Chlo3 maanden geleden