24 Hour hot girl SUMMER transformation *confidence BOOSTED!

6 aug. 2020
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24 hour hot girl SUMMER transformation *confidence BOOSTED* Thanks to Fabletics for sponsoring this video! Click this link to shop: www.fabletics.com/AvaJulesYT
Did a little end of summer glow up! For those goin back to school and want a back to school transformation, this works too ;) online or not, it feels good to feel good :) Hope you enjoy this videoooo
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✰ F A Q ✰
age: 19 (born in 2000)
height: I'm 5'8''
ethnicity: Filipino, Portuguese, Italian, Hawaiian + a lot more haha I'm very mixed!
where are you from? I was born & raised on O'ahu, Hawai'i
what do you use to edit? final cut pro x
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if you see this, comment "i see u" lol

  • happy thursday! hope you like this video 🦋 all the links to outfit & makeup deets are in the description! don’t forget to follow my IG avajules_ for more fun 🤍

    Ava JulesAva Jules6 maanden geleden
    • “i see you” & what nail polish did you use ??❤️

      madison clarkmadison clark6 maanden geleden
    • Ava where is your face mask fromm xxx loved this video btw!!!!

      Lexi HollisterLexi Hollister6 maanden geleden
    • hi ava!!

      Shaheera KaminShaheera Kamin6 maanden geleden
    • Where is the bikini from?!

      Olivia SchlossteinOlivia Schlosstein6 maanden geleden
    • AVA! i hope you see this but do you still sell your merch?

      madelyn rebek-nagymadelyn rebek-nagy6 maanden geleden
  • If I had to choose one backup product to have it would definitely be an eyelash curler!!❤

    Mo FAVMo FAV6 dagen geleden
  • You know watching ava's videos just makes me happier every time!!! Like I thought I was the only one who still plays mermaids with my siblings!! 😂❤

    Mo FAVMo FAV6 dagen geleden
  • Butter bronzer💜

    Iris AlmericoIris Almerico11 dagen geleden
  • why did i think the face roller was a tampon at first

    maddiemaddie22 dagen geleden
  • I'm a poor teenager my favorite makeup product is brow brush, blush and eyelash curler and mascara and concealer💄💃🏼🧚🧜💅💋😊

    Kayleen NoctorKayleen Noctor3 maanden geleden
  • Your voice is somehow sooo comfortable lol I’m so relaxed 😌 I really appreciate that

    ゆきがすごい。ゆきがすごい。4 maanden geleden
  • Ava- I feel great after going to the beach Ava like a minute later- I feel wrecked after going to the beach

    Brooke FarisBrooke Faris5 maanden geleden
  • eyebrows are so important to me i could never live without the ability to do my eyebrows lol so that's what i'd pick if i could only do one makeup thing forever :)

    Laura DeFalcoLaura DeFalco5 maanden geleden
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    aksaya arulaksaya arul5 maanden geleden
  • Omg I fell I’ve fallen in LOVE with you and your channel. Such an inspiration. Plus for some reason you just make me feel great about myself. I was watching your body positivity video and I was trying on clothes for a small (safe, socially distanced) get away weekend with my mama. I have always been insecure body wise but in that moment I felt just beautiful and perfect as I am. Honestly love you, your personality, and energy to bits. Never change who you are. Aaaaaaand I seriously couldn’t choose between lip gloss, blush, and mascara. Literally couldn’t live without them.

    HoneyxxHoneyxx6 maanden geleden
  • I literally love your vibe. Your the reason I use skin care and hair products now. Ily!

    Logan RothbardLogan Rothbard6 maanden geleden
  • Where is the white skirt from?😍

    Morgan DickersonMorgan Dickerson6 maanden geleden
  • The amount of times she says spicy is crackin me up

    Brooklyn Ridzelski-MccombsBrooklyn Ridzelski-Mccombs6 maanden geleden
  • Literally dying AHAHAHA

    Brooklyn Ridzelski-MccombsBrooklyn Ridzelski-Mccombs6 maanden geleden
  • When she said my cellar water

    Brooklyn Ridzelski-MccombsBrooklyn Ridzelski-Mccombs6 maanden geleden
  • all the love for you Ava but I don't understand why you pretend as if you're so experienced with makeup trying to teach your audience a whole lot about it but in the end you're obviously quite clueless yourself. not saying everyone has to be a makeup artist but voicing that you're just vibin and freestylin would come across way more chill and sympathetic in my opinion :)

    Lili BlumLili Blum6 maanden geleden
  • “it’s been 45 minutes because i got stuck watching vampire diaries” that’s literally me everyday currently 😭😭

    jaidanjaidan6 maanden geleden
  • Tinted sunscreen!!

    Alexa TiuAlexa Tiu6 maanden geleden
  • You look so good Ava🙏🏼💜🥰🥺

    Alaa TamerAlaa Tamer6 maanden geleden
  • YESSS she watches the vampire diaries ❤️❤️

    Marianthi DimitratosMarianthi Dimitratos6 maanden geleden
  • ava should do a collab with jazzy anne! i think they would work well together

    Some OneSome One6 maanden geleden
  • i adore u🥺

    jemajema6 maanden geleden
  • If I could only use one product it would be mascara, I mean I love blush but I have rosacea so I'm already blushed enough 😅

    Juliet PietersJuliet Pieters6 maanden geleden
  • We all know Ava changed into a big tshirt right after this ❤️😂

    SKYESKYE6 maanden geleden
  • mascara

    Andrea MooreAndrea Moore6 maanden geleden
  • Is it just me or it's looks like a vogue video ?! Love it !!💕

    Camille ParentCamille Parent6 maanden geleden
  • Omg I went through 3 McDonald's ads while watching this video... its totally worth it though. Luv u Ava!!

    Hailey SmithHailey Smith6 maanden geleden
  • You are so pretty!!! 🤩

    Logan DavidsonLogan Davidson6 maanden geleden
  • Elf 2 ended clear brow and eyelash gel is soooooo good and cheap, I use it almost every day even when I'm not wearing makeup

    Delores JamesDelores James6 maanden geleden
  • Either mascara or blush for sure 😊 i live you ava

    Beatrice BeaugerBeatrice Beauger6 maanden geleden
  • a face powder for oily skin is the only make-up/cosmetic product i own ✌ and the only thing i need to survive this Hell summer ✌

    moon dustmoon dust6 maanden geleden
  • the nude small clips will earn you more views from those creepy 40 years old men 😂

    moon dustmoon dust6 maanden geleden
  • I really need to try one of those hot summer transformation it look fun you look amazing btw

    Christela YcarisChristela Ycaris6 maanden geleden
  • You’re so pretty!!! Ahhh! I’m a small NLworldr and I’d love some support 💕 from anyone!!

    Gina KateriGina Kateri6 maanden geleden
  • girlll you have to try the IT cosmetics pressed powder !! It is so good for oily skin and takes the shine off your face!

    Amanda SchaefferAmanda Schaeffer6 maanden geleden
  • Make a video about books!!

    Madalena BrasãoMadalena Brasão6 maanden geleden
  • BAFFLES me how you, a GODDESS, could ever feel self conscious about your self

    Hannah bananaHannah banana6 maanden geleden
  • Tinted moisturizer

    Sydney BelvinSydney Belvin6 maanden geleden
  • One time I stepped on my safety razor in the shower and cut all my toes... It hurt so bad for days :D

    wyclef O'harawyclef O'hara6 maanden geleden
  • Mascara

    Avery HetrickAvery Hetrick6 maanden geleden
  • Love the claw clip Ava cannot wait for you to wear more claw clips in the future vlogs that you are doing.

    Luke RobertsLuke Roberts6 maanden geleden
  • i see u ;~)

    Mary ClaireMary Claire6 maanden geleden
  • Love this video Definitely inspired me to do the same thing Thanks ❤️✨ ps.. my favorite makeup items are mascara and lip gloss

    Tamara PavlovićTamara Pavlović6 maanden geleden
  • i'd probably choose mascara or concealer!

    Nada OsamaNada Osama6 maanden geleden
  • Do I still talk to Skin care by Hiram

    Sofia RamirezSofia Ramirez6 maanden geleden
  • Blush because it makes me look super adorable

    Juana ArreolaJuana Arreola6 maanden geleden
  • I was literally just like a toad in middleschool😂

    Isabella DeTomaIsabella DeToma6 maanden geleden
  • your body looks amazing!!! 🤍🤍🤍

    alana ponsalana pons6 maanden geleden
  • ava is literally the best person ever change my mind

    jada robinsonjada robinson6 maanden geleden
  • i see u && love this video especially the nails and makeup part (:

    Jordan OrdonezJordan Ordonez6 maanden geleden
  • Either lip gloss or mascara

    Kalika sottolanoKalika sottolano6 maanden geleden
  • I don’t even wear make up bc I don’t like to do it on myself or whatever but I love watching other ppl doing their make up lol

    Yara LamoréYara Lamoré6 maanden geleden
  • can u do a jewelry collection!!

    maddy budwethmaddy budweth6 maanden geleden
  • I love eyebrows and blush! Love you ava!!

    Aliyah HamlinAliyah Hamlin6 maanden geleden
  • Wait, u’re portuguese? Omg, I’m from Portugal 🇵🇹❣️ Btw I love your vids.. they’re such a vibe💛

    Mariana AraújoMariana Araújo6 maanden geleden
  • Nobody: Not even me: Ava: *floating in t-shirts*

    Savannah NoraSavannah Nora6 maanden geleden
  • Lol this was a get ready with me. You are already stunning, you did your normal daily routine then picked out clothes in your closet and clipped back your hair and did a makeup look similar to your everyday look. 🤣❤️ However, I enjoyed it. Thanks for the content.🥰

    JoieJoie6 maanden geleden

    Alyssa HurtadoAlyssa Hurtado6 maanden geleden
  • i loved this video!!

    Derianne RuaDerianne Rua6 maanden geleden
  • A clear brow gel is the only thing that I need to survive 👌🏻

    Martina ReľovskáMartina Reľovská6 maanden geleden
  • Why did it take me 3 minutes to realize that Kylie Jenner isn’t on the thumbnail but u r lmao I literally thought u were Kylie Jenner

    Rylie TannerRylie Tanner6 maanden geleden
  • The color of the sublime shirt you were wearing is such a GORGEOUS color on you!!!

    iheartmusic917iheartmusic9176 maanden geleden
  • Tvd is my favvvvvv🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Katelyn HulstKatelyn Hulst6 maanden geleden
  • My favorite workouts are on NLworld the channel is called ROBERTAS GYM and I get results fast

    Trixie BensonTrixie Benson6 maanden geleden
  • 15:04 IM DEAD

    rainypoorainypoo6 maanden geleden
  • My favorite makeup product is probably lip gloss. I use it the most because it dresses up your face and honestly looks great with everything! 🦋✨💕

    {natalie}{natalie}6 maanden geleden
  • The fact that you get acne makes me like you even more

    Jillian MehneJillian Mehne6 maanden geleden
  • you should do a video on how you do your nails!

    Chloe DosReisChloe DosReis6 maanden geleden
  • really stuck bc i think i love living in nyc but then i watch your videos and i end up looking for jobs in hawaii for way too long

    Anna NicoleAnna Nicole6 maanden geleden
  • Mascara! But I haven’t been able to find on that I love so I’ll take two different ones and use them both 😅I’ll try the one u recommended!

    Just HelenJust Helen6 maanden geleden
  • this videos makes me wanna go and do things that make me feel better about myself !! thank u for being the best role model ava

    vexievexie6 maanden geleden
  • Has to be sparkly bronzer! Love you xx

    Martha LittleMartha Little6 maanden geleden
  • I love blush with my whole heart! I just may have a pound of it on my face right now

    Cameron GraceCameron Grace6 maanden geleden
  • one question: do you guys in the US not have like wet- roll on deodorant? why were you so surprised hahah

    Janina HJanina H6 maanden geleden
  • My favorite it blush it makes a statement!

    Yasmín RobertsYasmín Roberts6 maanden geleden
  • My favorite makeup is mascara

    카롤리나카롤리나6 maanden geleden
  • I had a middle school phase where I wore the ugliest purple lipstick from mac

    amelvisamelvis6 maanden geleden
  • Tinted eyebrows gel because I have red hair and no eyebrows

    Lucia BottlíkováLucia Bottlíková6 maanden geleden
  • what app do you use ?

    Dalimar RentasDalimar Rentas6 maanden geleden
  • 4:52

    yagmur yamanyagmur yaman6 maanden geleden
  • mine is mascara

    Oratile MokokaOratile Mokoka6 maanden geleden
  • I come to watch Ava when I want a positive start to the day or if I'm sad. She never fails to cheer me up!!

    The FBI Agent Behind ur ScreenThe FBI Agent Behind ur Screen6 maanden geleden
  • I love brow gel 😌

    Emma GoeranssonEmma Goeransson6 maanden geleden
  • My skin always feels soft and plumped after the beach🥰

    Kaelyn OnagaKaelyn Onaga6 maanden geleden
  • concealer!

    Aviah TenyahAviah Tenyah6 maanden geleden
  • the energy in this video is immaculate

    nam dnam d6 maanden geleden
  • That little "por que no los dos" caught me off guard because that was my thought exactly and i had to rewind to see if i was imagining it

    verovero6 maanden geleden
  • your outfit was super cute !!💘 I love your earrings where are they from ?

    Monse GMonse G6 maanden geleden
  • hey idk if u read all ur comments but for workouts if u wanna try something new try doing Pamela Reif! she had a whole fitness youtube channel and on her instagram highlights she was weekly workout plans from 30 to 45 minutes. her workouts are deadly but amazing

    AshleyAshley6 maanden geleden
  • I've been binge watching TVD and haven't left my room in 3 days😬 I'm a potato and have stayed up till 4am literally everyday watching TVD

    elleabelleelleabelle6 maanden geleden
  • I was surprised by the “por que no los dos?” I wasn’t expected spanishhhh

    Almendra González MüllerAlmendra González Müller6 maanden geleden
  • omgggg yesss! 😹 middle school was not it! I would play with makeup that turned out horrible! 😭

    Vivian PulidoVivian Pulido6 maanden geleden
  • not a makeup product but definitely an eyelash curler!

    ella brimleyella brimley6 maanden geleden
  • Cream blush!!

    avery wtavery wt6 maanden geleden
  • trust me. middle schoolers still have phases

    Georgia AlfordGeorgia Alford6 maanden geleden

    kayla yeekayla yee6 maanden geleden
  • did she and her bf breakup?

    Grace AlonzoGrace Alonzo6 maanden geleden
  • When you we’re talking about middle schoolers... girl. Majoooor facts. Why are 7th graders looking like mini Victoria secret models? Nuh uh honey. Go back inside and put on your blue eyeshadow, gets some braces and have horrible fashion sense. Much better. 👌

    Madolyn OliverMadolyn Oliver6 maanden geleden
  • I will always use mascara. Even when I stay up till 3 am watching Netflix if I put on mascara, I look a bit more awake also love Ava’s videos during corona. Especially her vlogs

    Abigail VeilleuxAbigail Veilleux6 maanden geleden